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The Jewish Encyclopedia

The Jewish Encyclopedia has several pages of information about the Aboab name and several of its prominent family members.

The encyclopedia's full-article on the Aboab family can be found on the Jewish Encyclopedia website. Below is a short excerpt from one edition of the encyclopedia about the Aboab name:

ABOAB, Spanish family whose descendants remained prominent among the Sephardim of the Mediterranean world as well as in the ex-Marrano communities of Northern Europe. The origin of the name is obscure. The family produced many outstanding Jewish scholars in Spain (see Isaac Aboab I and II). After the expulsion from Spain, it was found in North Africa, Turkey, Italy (where the form Aboaf became common), and elsewhere. Some members of the family who fell victims to the forced conversion in Portugal in 1497, preserved the name in secret, resumed it when they reentered Judaism (sometimes with the addition of their baptismal surnames, e.g. Fonseca, Dias, Fallerio) and became outstanding in the communities of the Marrano Diaspora.

The Jewish Encyclopedia can be found at most synagogue libraries, as well as at most other Jewish organizations (e.g. JCC's). It is also available on the web (click link above).

Portrait of Isaac Aboab de Fonseca as it appears in the Jewish Encyclopedia. Aboab was 81 when this portait was made in 1686.