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Some History Of The Aboab Name

Obtained from the Family History Center in Tel Aviv, Israel:

This is an ancient Spanish-Jewish name which is probably derived from the Arabic for "Father Benefactor" - Abdelwahab.

The first Jews who arrived in Spain during the times of the Roman Empire bore Greek, Latin, and Hebrew names. In the early Eight Century, when Spain was conquered by the Arabs, many Jews adopted Arabic names, while also retaining their Hebrew names. This left a legacy of combinations of Arabic and Hebrew.

After the Tenth Century, when Spain was re-conquered by the Christians, these Arabic and Hebrew names were still used by Spanish Jews. It was not until the Sixteenth Century Inquisition that Jews changed their names, when many were forcibly converted and baptized, and took Spanish-Christian names.

The fact that we find so many spellings of the name today is mostly due to the name's translation into other languages. As an example, my family's name used to be spelled Abouaf. However, my great-grandfather Michael met some men from Safed who told him that it should actually be spelled with a "v" at the end - Abouav. They told him that the spelling Abouaf came from the spelling in Turkish, as the old Turkish alphabet did not have a symbol for the sound "v". According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, the name Aboaf also gained popularity in Italy.

Some forms that the Aboab name takes on today.